Operation: Backing Black Businesses

Over the past year, Prosper has commissioned a deep dive research project into mapping out Birmingham’s Black business ecosystem.

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Building the most inclusive and thriving economy in the Southeast

Prosper works to align the region and accelerate progress towards a shared vision for transformational inclusive economic growth.


What is Prosper ?

Prosper is not a program to replace good work already under way nor another operating organization; rather, it is an effort to align existing initiatives, supplement them with select new opportunities, and scale a collaborative civic agenda. Think of Prosper Birmingham as a table that will:


Connect corporate, civic, and community leaders to understand issues and increase equitable economic growth.


Advance inclusive, long-term economic strategies that allow us to achieve our economic potential as one community.


Fuel priority initiatives through private, public, and philanthropic sources to generate change.

Why is Prosper Important?

With this thought in mind, civic leaders engaged the Brookings Metro to conduct an objective economic situation assessment. Their work, involving engagement with business, civic and educational leaders throughout Greater Birmingham, concluded that:


Birmingham is creating fewer quality jobs because it is not generating and growing enough young “export” businesses.


Birmingham is becoming more skilled, but higher education will not benefit all workers without addressing racial inequity and exclusion.


Unequal access to economic resources hits Black residents and women the hardest, limiting the impact of Black entrepreneurs’ creation of jobs and community wealth.

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Focus Areas

Using the results of our data as the driving force, Prosper Birmingham initiatives will focus on transforming the Greater Birmingham economy in three core areas:

Job creation

Job Creation

Catalyze growth of businesses and industries that create good jobs.


Job Preparation

Invest in college and career opportunities for Birmingham’s diverse youth.

Job access

Job Access

How Metro Birmingham ensures that all residents, regardless of race, gender or zip code, have access to those jobs and can fully contribute.

Our Initiatives

Prosper will begin with four key initiatives supporting its framework.

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Our Commitment

Prosper will establish a structure for long-term community building, creating energy and momentum that moves our community forward sustainably. We will position community engagement early and often, ensuring we are listening, learning and making decisions in partnership with the community at each phase. Our commitment is to engage, develop and implement.

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Our Team

Prosper is a small team of leaders with vast knowledge, passion, and influence dedicated to accomplishing lofty aspirations geared towards utilizing the power of collaboration and connection within the community to help build a more equitable and inclusive economy.

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